Free Consultation

For your convenience, we offer a free 20-minute consultation - by appointment only. This consultation provides you with a verbal overview to determine the purpose of and type of appraisal that is needed.

There are various reasons to get a jewelry appraisal including:

• Settling an Estate
• Tax Deductible Charitable Donations
• Dissolution of Marriage
• Fluctuations in the Market
• Verify Internet Purchases
• Curiosity about a piece you have acquired

Appraisal Process

After receiving your jewelry for appraisal, we check for any loose, chipped, or broken gemstones, inspect the mounting condition, and it is cleaned to make certain we get an unobstructed look at everything.
Next, the appraisal begins. Each stone is identified and evaluated, the metal content is tested, and a thorough detailed description is completed, and photographs are taken. Once all the information is compiled, we complete the appraisal document with applicable digital photographs.

Insurance Appraisals (starting at $99)

For insurance purposes, an appraisal with retail replacement value is most common. Since values can differ from source to source, you may see inconsistencies between appraisers based upon their interpretation of the market.

The purpose of this type of appraisal is to fully compensate you should your item become lost, damaged, or stolen. The insurance premium will be based upon this retail replacement value. However, it is important to note the insurance company won’t automatically cut you a check for that amount should something happened – but they are obligated to make certain that you get the same quality of item lost, so you are considered covered.

*Multiple items starting at $99 + $45 for each additional item.

Fair Market Value Appraisals

Values of Fair Market Appraisals reflect the selling price between a willing buyer and seller when there is no urgency between the two parties to buy or sell. Fair market value represents the item’s value in its current used condition.

Immediate Liquidation Value Appraisals

These values are low and are determined to facilitate quick liquidation of assets. Reasons for this type of appraisal may include, some types of estate liquidations and divorce settlements, or probate and loan collateral appraisals.

Additional Services

  • Synthetic Diamond Identification
  • Diamond Grading by a GIA Gemologist using the GIA diamond grading system
  • Identification and evaluation of high-end watches like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet
  • Color Stone Valuation and Identification